Our team of mechanics are experts when it comes to gearboxes and clutches. We’ll run a comprehensive checkover of your clutch and provide you with a detailed report. You’ll be given a detailed quote along with proposed repairs. Our mechanics can service and maintain your clutch too to keep it working optimally. You can rely on our mechanics to keep your car running perfectly.

Car Repairs

When you bring your car to Bosch Service Centre for a repair, there’s no need to stress. We provide you with a fixed price before we start the repairs. Our team of expert mechanics communicate any issues to you, in a way you can understand, and explain the repairs they expect to complete. You can leave our service centre with a fully repaired car, no surprise fees, and the confidence that we used only genuine parts.

Transmission & Gearbox Repairs

Our team will do a comprehensive check of your vehicle with particular attention to your transmission or gearbox. Communicating any findings to you, you’ll receive a list of proposed repairs as well as a quote. Our mechanics will have your car back up and running optimally in no time.

Air Conditioning Servicing

We’ll run a comprehensive check of your car’s air conditioner. Our technicians will check its operation and check for leaks before cleaning the condenser and replacing the lubricating oil — as well as checking and recycling the refrigerant gas. We’ll inspect and adjust the belts, pulleys, and inspect the system for oil and gas leaks. All of our air conditioning services are carried out to EPA standards.

Steering & Suspension, Wheel Alignment

We can fix pulling and increase stability, handling, and of course safety with regular steering and suspension services and wheel alignments. Regular wheel alignments prolong the life of your car, wheels, and tyres as misaligned wheels can cause uneven tyre wear.


Our Bosch Service Centre mechanics are experts and highly experienced in brake maintenance and repairs. We’re always equipped with a variety of spare parts and have quality relationships with parts suppliers so we get your car repaired quickly. Rely on us to repair your brakes, replace any parts, change brake pads, and maintain them.

Safety Certificates (Roadworthy Certificates)

We’ll complete a full inspection of your vehicle and provide you with a full, detailed report. If your vehicle doesn’t pass the safety inspection you’ll have 14 days to rectify any issues found. We can complete these repairs straight away or you can take it away and we’ll reinspect once they’re complete. Our workshop is experienced and equipped to fix any issues that may come up during the inspection.

Car Service & Full Logbook Servicing

We only recommend the car service you need — we’ll never replace things unnecessarily or make you pay for things you don’t need.

Pre-purchase Inspections

When we run pre-purchase inspections we check the vehicle for any structural or engine damage. Looking through the engine, interior, and exterior we’ll develop a full report for you. As experienced mechanics, we know how common issues can be masked for sale and we can inspect any car — no matter the make or model.

European Car Servicing

LeMans Motors Bulimba offer full logbook servicing on European cars for a fraction of the price – and we always do it by the book. We’re experienced European car service technicians who understand the latest in European cars.