Car Service Brisbane

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Mechanics Who Know What They’re Doing

Affordable Services No Surprise Costs

Brisbane’s Best With Over 40 Years Experience

Mechanics Who Know What They’re Doing

Affordable Services No Surprise Costs

Brisbane’s Best With Over 40 Years Experience

Car Service Brisbane

When you bring your car to Bosch Service Centre for a repair, there’s no need to stress. We provide you with a fixed price before we start the repairs. Our team of expert mechanics communicate any issues to you, in a way you can understand, and explain the repairs they expect to complete. You can leave our service centre with a fully repaired car, no surprise fees, and the confidence that we used only genuine parts. We’ll never cut corners and we’ll road test your car to make sure it’s in safe and working condition.

Brisbane Car Service Mechanics

mechanic workshop, nissan juke on car lift, volkswagen golf, mistubishi outlander

When you bring your car in for a logbook car service, we’ll provide one of three car services, depending on the needs of your car, the kilometres on your odometer, and the specifications of your logbook. Our mechanics never cut corners and do everything by the book, and using genuine parts. We’re passionate about offering better car services at a better price to Brisbane motorists. We provide affordable European car services and air conditioner services as well.

When we service your car, we’ll top up or change all of your engine’s fluids: your oil, coolant, power steering fluid. We’ll change your oil filter and fuel filter, as well as your oil itself. Then we’ll check your engine over for any mechanical or safety issues — or potential issues. Our mechanics will always get in touch with you before completing repairs. We’ll communicate the issue to you, the importance or significance of the issue, as well as the urgency to get it fixed. Then, we’ll provide you with a quote and wait for your OK before we fix it. We’ll check the car over for road safety and test drive it as well.

mechanic workshop, nissan juke on car lift, volkswagen golf, mistubishi outlander
audi raised on car lift in workshop

European Car Service Brisbane

A European car service can be so expensive. You’re pressured to take your car to the dealership. Otherwise, your warranty will be voided and your car’s resale value compromised. The truth is, those are dealership scare tactics designed to make you pay their crazy high car service prices. We offer European car servicing, done by the book. So your warranty won’t be voided, your resale value will be fine, and you’ll pay a reasonable amount for your car service. We offer affordable European car services to Brisbane on cars such as: Alfa Romeo, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Land Rovers, and MINI to name a few. Our European car mechanics will stamp your logbook and we’ll always use genuine parts.

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Service Brisbane

An amazing luxury car that drives like a dream, Mercedes are an excellent German car. Looking for a Mercedes service Brisbane? Bring your Mercedes to Bosch Service Centre, we’ll provide the very best car service, for a fraction of the price.

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VW Service

Volkswagens are one of the most popular European car brands with good reason. Searching for an affordable VW service Brisbane? Look no further, come to Bosch Service Centre for an affordable VW service Brisbane.

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BMW Service

Another German luxury car brand, BMWs drive amazingly, as long as they’re maintained properly. We offer a Brisbane BMW service for a fraction of the price.

Some of the other european cars we service are:

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Car Repair Brisbane

Meet your new mechanic Brisbane. You can come to us with anything from a routine car service to a complex car repair. From tyre punctures to wheel balances and alignments, from car services to clutch and brake pad replacements. We’re the geniuses in car diagnostics, but more importantly, we’re experts at fixing the issues we find. We’ll always contact you before starting work on your car. We’ll transparently explain the issue, repair, and the urgency of getting the repair. Your mechanic will also provide you with a quote, so you can decide whether or not you can afford it.
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Wheel Alignment Brisbane

In need of a wheel alignment Brisbane? Bring your car to Bosch Service Centre. Wheel alignments are essential for road safety, as well as keeping your tyres in good condition. When we complete a wheel alignment on your car, we’ll adjust your suspension so your wheels hit the road at the correct angle. This means your wheels will travel in a straight direction and your tyres should wear evenly and safely.

mechanic inspecting rear tyre of black car
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Clutch Repair Brisbane

Have you had trouble getting your gear stick into certain gears? Do you smell burning after you change gears or when you take off on a hill? Is your clutch pedal not completely returning to its original position? Maybe your car shudders when you change gears, or maybe it just doesn’t feel right. Whatever the issue, bring your car into Bosch Service Centre to get it checked out by our expert mechanics.

mechanic workshop, audi a5 and mazda 3 lifted for brake pad replacement

Brake Pads Brisbane

Is it taking longer than usual to stop when you brake? Do your brakes squeak or grind? You should get abnormalities in your brakes checked out by a mechanic. If your handbrake isn’t holding your car well or you have a dashboard light lit up, bring your car in.

mechanic workshop, audi a5 and mazda 3 lifted for brake pad replacement

Why Bosch Service Centre?

With a reputation 40 years in the making, your mechanic at Bosch Service Centre will exceed your expectations. We’re all about providing Brisbane with affordable mechanical services, as well as value for money. You deserve the finest workmanship at a reasonable price, bring your car to Bosch for your next car service.
We provide the best workmanship in everything we do. From car services to complex car repairs, and even wheel alignments — nothing is a nothing job to us. You can rely on us to keep your car running well and running safely. Our mechanics have a broad range of knowledge in all things cars and car diagnostics.
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