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Mechanics Who Know What They’re Doing

Affordable Services No Surprise Costs

Brisbane’s Best With Over 40 Years Experience

How Much Does An Air Conditioning Service Cost?

How much you pay for your car’s air conditioning service depends on your car’s make, model, and age as well as if there are any issues. It may cost more if any spare parts are required. If you’re just looking for a basic service it should be under $100. Your car’s air conditioner needs to be serviced once every two years — so it’s not a massive investment in the long run.

What Is An Air Conditioning Service For?

Air conditioning services prevent costly future breaks, they prevent ‘car flu’, and eliminate bad smells that may come from dirty air con filters. Servicing your car’s air conditioner ensures your system continues to work as it should, cooling and heating your vehicle properly. The filters in your car’s air conditioner are designed to be changed every two years — failing to change these filters can cause bad smells and bad, expensive breaks.

How Is An Air Conditioning Service Done?

We’ll start by checking your air conditioning system thoroughly. Then we’ll check for leaks, clean the condenser, and inspect the drive belts and pulleys. We’ll check the operation of the valves and thermostats and inspect the hoses and components. Next, we evacuate the system and cover the refrigerant, add the required amount of refrigerant oil, and check the condenser temperature. To complete the service, our technicians will run your vehicle to check the air vent temperature and provide a report.

Things To Remember

Your air conditioner runs best when your car is running. Precooling your car before you take off doesn’t really work and is a waste of your fuel.

Why It’s Important To Have Your Car’s Air Conditioner Serviced?

Without servicing your car’s air conditioner, your air con’s filters won’t be changed. If they aren’t changed they’ll have bad bacteria all over them, this is really bad for your health to inhale and can result in ‘car flu’. Servicing your car air conditioner prevents expensive breaks and keeps it working well for years to come. It’s a win for you and a win for your car and its resale value.
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We’ll run a comprehensive check of your car’s air conditioner. Our technicians will check its operation and check for leaks before cleaning the condenser and replacing the lubricating oil — as well as checking and recycling the refrigerant gas. We’ll inspect and adjust the belts, pulleys, and inspect the system for oil and gas leaks. All of our air conditioning services are carried out to EPA standards.
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